Over the years, we have individually worked with numerous independent designers, labels, brands and artist to help create their own customised products, ranging from Hoodies, Sweat-shorts, T-shirts to Sweatpants. 

Our in-house team is able to help you with several customisation services. Especially for bulk and wholesale orders. From getting your own woven tags made and sewn onto garments, to arranging prints and embroidery for the products you have selected.

One thing that we have learned throughout the years of collaborating with fresh creatives is that sometimes it can be difficult to translate designs to physical products. This process requires detailed Technical Specification document, that many upcoming designers have never done or worked on before. 

We love to see new ideas come to life. That is a reason why we have decided to make it as easy as possible to create a Tech Spec document with your desired design. Be it woven tags, embroidery or prints. We are here to make things work.

If you are interested in customisation services that we offer, please reach out to custom@cottongarments.eu. You will receive a Tech Spec Template file with all the necessary information for the production to start. Based on your Tech Spec our team will be able to help you choose the right customisation processes for your products and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Please note that each service requires a minimum amount of pieces to be produced. You can find out about the MOQ and other necessary information by contacting us on custom@cottongarments.eu. 

We’d love to help you with what you need, get in touch with us!