A garment that is as inseparable as a well-cut blazer from every man’s wardrobe, a hoodie has over the recent decades become a staple clothing item in our lives. Be it fashionista, magazine editor or a random person on the street seeking function and comfort over trends and stylishness. 

The garment is as versatile as its wearer – and it tells many stories about one’s status, tribe belonging, subculture and even racial inequality.

The History

The history of the hoodie as we know it dates back to 1920’s when companies like Le Coq Sportif and Russel started experimenting with new ways of producing sportswear. It is important to note that until that time, most of the activewear was produced mostly from wool. Garments using wool did not absorb sweat very well and the mentioned companies had to start looking for alternatives, that would meet the growing needs of active lifestyle of the newly formed middle and upper class.

Today’s Use and Relevance

More recently the hoodie is tied to the style history of a range of subcultures that have gone on to have a profound impact on the fashion, music and style culture of today, from hip hop to skate culture. The modern hoodie has become a symbol — signalling either one’s casual, almost careless sense for clothing, all to the way to the opposite side of the spectrum, being the chic, effortless and most sought after consumer product from high-fashion houses like Gucci, Balenciaga and Off-White.

It has also managed to define the design legacy of today’s most discussed brands like Supreme and Vetements.

 Robert Downey Jr. Rolling Stone Magazine, 2008 / Kendrick Lamar T Magazine, 2017 / Balenciaga & World Food Programme collaboration, autumn/winter 2018

The Hoodie as a Status Symbol

Generally, the hoodie has quickly become a cult symbol of the wide-spread casualization of fashion. Sneakers, streetwear and sportswear are becoming the default choice when picking today’s outfit. The hoodie’s status being as relevant and accepted as wearing a suit to the office 10 years ago is quickly accelerating this trend. 

On one hand, the hoodie is an item that is solely performative. On the other, it is a clear fashion statement, and an act of trying to fit in with the tribe. It can be a piece of merch; and ideal blank canvas for graphics, slogans and statements. It is this level of versatility that allows the hoodie to penetrate individual wardrobe and style to some extent.

We are thrilled to offer you our take on this essential piece of clothing here.