Sustainability — seemingly too often used fashion’s favourite term means everything and nothing at the same time. 

The continual overuse of the term “sustainability” by many brands has created confusion and potential liabilities for the brands that want to be seen as environmentally friendly. Many times a brand’s marketing around sustainability runs counter to its business practices — this has led to the birth of the term “greenwashing”. 

We at COTTON GARMENTS do not shy away from the fact that the fashion industry is at the top of the pyramid, when talking about different industries and their impact on the climate change.

Right from the start of COTTON GARMENTS, we have collectively decided to never use terms like “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” without exactly stating what topic or process we have in mind. We want to be as transparent as possible towards each one of our consumers, partners and suppliers while naturally protecting our know-how and intellectual rights.

This perspective gave us a task to come up with a clear way on how you, as our customer, can decide wether you will label us “sustainable” or not. Spoiler alert, from our perspective we have couple of areas we will definitely focus on, coming shortly with new drops later this year. Stay tuned! 

Here is a list of areas we believe are crucial when evaluating our position on conscious and sustainable design:

Yarn origin

We proudly source our OEKO-TEX certified cotton yarns from our suppliers in Turkey. Since Turkey is a member state of the EU we are ensured that these raw materials are produced and handled in safe working conditions while maintaining high European standards. At the centre of everything we do is the intention to make things the right way.

Given the demanding process of growing and harvesting cotton fibers we have set out to find the right partner to supply us with GOTS certified cotton yarns for the future of COTTON GARMENTS, that will not effect the final price of our garments.

Dyeing process

Many years ago we have partnered with a dyeing factory in Czech Republic, that is, too, OEKO-TEX certified. The dyeing processes of our partner factory follow the strictest European standards, protecting the nearby nature from harmful chemical substances. The dyeing factory utilises Dye Waste Treatments and Decontamination tanks to warrant that each stage of the dyeing process is safe for the environment. Close proximity to our partners allows us to regularly ensure everything is up to our standards of manufacture and code of conduct.

Working conditions

All of our production is made in Europe. Textile factories based in EU must always follow strict standards and regulations. By keeping the manufacturing processes close to home we have unique control over our supply chain, from raw material to final product. Combined with modernised working environment we have a distinctive edge over our competitors from around the world.

High-quality fabrics

The quality of our in-house developed and produced cotton fabric is the fundamental building block of our long-lasting progress. Durable fabrics and heavy apparel are the key ingredients of COTTON GARMENTS. Our belief that timeless clothes made well can last decades is embedded into each product that leaves our door. There is no need to change your wardrobe several times a year, once you discover a piece of clothing that ages with you and protects the environment at the same time.

Supply-chain familiarity

We consider our suppliers as partners. We only partner with them once we feel there is a mutual understanding of the overall mission we have set out to do. Often times we collectively meet to discuss ways of improvement. We always strive for the best and we like to motivate and get inspired by the ones we work with.

Transparent manufacture

We believe that transparency is key. Once you start working with us our doors are always open to you, and we invite you into our production facilities to show you around.